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Atdl4net switches to LGPL v2.1

by admin on January 31, 2012

Preparing to migrate the Atdl4net source code to Codeplex, the open source license for Atdl4net is being switched from LGPL v3.0 to LGPL v2.1, as Codeplex doesn’t support the v3.0 license.

Naturally, individuals and firms that downloaded the earlier source code under the LGPL v3.0 license can continue to use that version under that license, but no updates will be made to that version. Firms concerned about this change should contact


During the most recent FIX Protocol Limited (FPL) Algorithmic Working Group conference call, co-chair Rick Labs shared some feedback on FIXatdl from FPL members.  One of the most telling pieces of feedback was along the following lines:

Implementing FIXatdl has been a pretty frustrating experience due to the lack of consistency, and oftentimes correctness, of FIXatdl files we’ve been sent.  Although we are really starting to see the value of FIXatdl, this made our implementation a lot more time-consuming than we anticipated.

As the authors of Atdl4net, we had hoped that by supplementing the reference Java implementations, atdl4j, with a .NET implementation and by providing a free reviewing tool, Atdl4net Explorer, FIXatdl providers would have the tools they needed to verify the quality of their files.  Unfortunately, it turns out that getting these applications installed inside the majority of sell-side houses takes weeks if not months due to their IT security policies.

So, a better solution was needed – one that didn’t require software to be installed.  Enter AtdlTools – a free hosted service for validating FIXatdl files, built on top of Atdl4net.  Once a file has been uploaded, the service automatically performs a series of checks on the content, including well-formedness of the XML, validation against the official FPL XSD schema files and a range of FIXatdl-specific cross-validations (the full list is on the home page).

This is of course the first version of the AtdlTools service, and there is plenty of work to do to improve the service’s robustness as well as broaden the set of validations provided.  Nevertheless, this is a great ‘test case’ for Atdl4net as it allows brokers to validate their files against the implementation without needing any special software installed.  We hope you find it useful.


Atdl4net Source Code has arrived

October 1, 2010

A major milestone in the development of Atdl4net has been reached: the first cut of the source code has been published on Of course there are some bugs, but tests on a number of broker files have shown it is able to render most strategies properly.  The areas that need further testing are StateRules [...]

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Atdl4net Explorer is out on Beta

September 19, 2010

As it’s been a very long weekend spent getting the site ready, this will be a very short post.  I’m pleased to announce that Atdl4net Explorer is available for beta testing with immediate effect.  It’s available on the home page of There are inevitably a number of known issues and limitations with this [...]

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